Backup | Fort Worth, Texas

As I pack my bag for tomorrow's shoot, I am reminded of the day that made me realize the importance of having a backup.  I received a call early one morning to second shoot a wedding. The only caveat was the wedding was in 5 hours. No problem, right? About an hour after the call, I began to prep my gear. I packed my lens, camera, flash, extra SD cards, and extra batteries for my flash.

I attempted try out my setup and NO power. I checked the battery slot and no battery. I thought, it must be in the charger. I checked the charger and no battery. I begin to look in every camera bag, purse, and backpack I own. Still no battery. It's Sunday so the local camera store is closed. I searched the internet for for options and finally Best Buy had one in stock at a location an hour away. Checking my watch, I have 3 1/2 hours before I should I be at the venue. I purchased the battery on the site and rushed across town to pick it up.

Once I arrived to the online pickup line, the customer service rep politely reminded me that I would receive an email once my order was pulled. Really?? I drive an hour across town on a Sunday and my order isn't ready. I decided to see if there were any other batteries on the shelf but once I reached the aisle I was met with more disappointment. I ordered the last battery in stock and it was still not ready for purchase. Finally, I received an email stating my order was ready so I made a dash for the counter. I brought my charger along with me so I decided to ensure that the battery I ordered was indeed the appropriate one for my camera. Before leaving the counter, I asked the Best Buy associate to open the battery and allow me to confirm the battery. Guess what? It was the wrong battery. I couldn't believe this. I asked the associate to refund my card and began making calls.

I reached out to a friend that had a camera similar to mine and quickly learned that we have different batteries. I called home to ask my husband and daughter to take one more look around the house. The last call was to the primary shooter. I didn't want to seem unprofessional but I had no other choice but inform him that I would not be able to shoot. The primary shooter told me he would look around to see if he had a battery for my camera. 

I made it home only to find out that my husband and daughter did not have any luck locating my battery. I made another attempt to look in my car and there it was. My battery was in the back seat of my car underneath a folder. The battery must have fallen out of my camera bag. I checked my watch. I had just enough time to charge my battery (it was almost fully charged), get dressed, and make it to the venue on time.

Lessons Learned -

  • Immediately invest in a backup battery. I purchased a new battery the following week. 

  • Make sure I know the product name for all of my gear. If I would have known the exact product name of the battery, I would have known I was purchasing the incorrect one.

  • Have a backup plan in general. You never know what will go wrong on the day of a shoot. I am currently saving to invest in an additional camera.